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Planning a lesson is very essential for a teacher because it acts like an aid to planning ,a working document (a lesson plan helps you to keep the target and gives you something to refer to during lessons ) ,as A record (what a class done and which materials has been used)etc . Thus in this unit I have learnt that a lesson plan should have the following basic principles : keep it simple ,structure it and maintain the same structure ,keep it flexible and open to adaptation etc .More so , A good lesson should have the following :learner objectives ,personal aims ,labguage points, teaching aids ,procedures , timing ,phase ,interaction , class level etc .A goosd teacher striving to improve his or her skills will monitor his or her lessons , therefore , making the class more enjoyable .so , a teacher can evaluate his or herself taking notes of what when wrong and well .Also , flexibilty ,goals ,revision , variety and balance are a number of special issues that we must consider when planning a sequence of lessons .