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Unit 6 covered the basics of the Past Tenses ( past simple, past continuous, past present , past present continuous). The continuous forms feature some form of the verb \"to be\" plus the \"ing\" form of the verb. With the perfect forms, they feature the verb \"to have\" AND a past participle form of the verb. Present simple has many irregular verbs, see, make, do, catch, come, drink, etc to name a few. Present simple adds -ed, did or did not, or did, depending on whether it is affirmative, negative or a question. As for Past Continuous, \"was/were, was not/weren't /or WAS are key words to look for. Past Continuous almost always requires some for of a time reference. Past Perfect indicates words such as had or had not, and related to past actions that happened in the past, where as Past Perfect Continuous included worlds such as had+ been or had not + been and indicates longer actions that have occurred in the past and the HAD been going on on a continuous basis but downs not concern with if it had continued on or not.