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Unit 9 covered the importance of lesson planning. Lesson planning is important as it creates a logical sequence for the lesson. It is something that the teacher can refer to during the lesson to make sure they are on track for what the students should be learning. It also creates a record of what the students have been taught, and in the case that a substitute teacher is needed it can be used by them to cover the lesson. A lesson plan should be simple and flexible. You don't have to stick rigidly to the plan in class. The students might struggle with a particular area which then requires more time and thus the plan should be able to accommodate the change. The lesson plan can be used to anticipate problems, and solutions, for the students or the teacher. This will help you be more prepared if they arise. It's also important to evaluate ones lesson after it has been taught. What went well with the plan? What didn't go so well? This will help you to improve your plans and lessons in the future and help you to grow as a teacher.