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The actions that have already happened, are in past tense. There are four following types of past tenses. 1.Simple past tense: The most basic past tense is the simple past tense, wherein the sentence describes an action that began and was completed at some specific point in the past. 2.Past continuous: Another form of the past tense is the past continuous tense, which is used to describe an action that was ongoing at a given point in the past. 3.Past perfect tense: The past-perfect tense is a little more complicated. This tense is used to identify a point in the past by which a certain action was already completed. 4.Past perfect continuous: While it sounds complicated, the past-perfect-continuous tense is simply the blending of the past-continuous and the past-perfect tenses. It identifies a point in the past by which a given action has begun and is ongoing. Like the past-perfect, the past-perfect-continuous tense sequences the past. The only difference is that the action described is not yet complete by the point of time.