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B.D. & T.E - U.S.A. said:
I remember when I first started teaching two decades ago and my lesson plans were so detailed and vital to me experiencing success in the classroom. Now my lesson plans are mostly in my head, though I do a lot of before hand planning, mostly a week at a time, laying everything out and thinking about what my objectives are, where I want my students to be. I find myself more flexible than in the early days, more willing to adapt and adjust lessons and activities. For example it becomes obvious when a certain word or concept is just not getting through and must be retaught or taught in a different way. I'm also more willing to accept when a lesson is not successful and needs to be thrown away. In many ways my lesson plan is my agenda that I write daily on the board so that students know what's coming up. As I write it, I'm going over anything in my head, and then I lay everything out that I will need for that lesson. I appreciate the part about greeting students because I have found that to be so helpful in creating rapport and an atmosphere conducive to learning. I'm sure with the new ideas I'm learning in this course that I will be writing more notes down so that I can remember the new activities I want to incorporate into my classes.