TESOL Jobs Brazil Arapiraca

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Unit 1 Overview While living Japan and working as an Assistant Language Teacher, I was looking for ways to enhance my working conditions and level up my professionalism, that is why I decided to get TESOL Certificate. After having some experience working as a teacher, I understood that I love working with young learners. It is an immensely rewarding job, but it’s not always fun, and sometimes it’s just not that easy at all!! By taking this course I believe I can get more ideas and effective methodologies to implement in my classroom and become a successful teacher. I understand that this course will help me to: 1. Learn about some special terminology used in English teaching industry 2. Find out how to create a curriculum 3. Acknowledge how to find or create classroom materials 4. Be aware of opportunities that appear in this field. Regardless of working in a language center, state school or one to one settings I will strive to be as friendly as possible with good planning, organising and creative skills.