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In my opinion, planning a lesson can be difficult at the very beginning of years when you want to become a teacher. The more you plan the easier it is to identify what you want to teach and how you want to teach it. A lesson plan has to be flexible and needs a structure to be able to know what to teach now and then. Very rigid lesson plans end up in lots of writing and planning but no action. I do have to make a comment on this unit. Your lesson plan was a little confusing. The lay-out was too much detailed, and then, after going through this unit, I saw new elements were added to the planning. On the test, I notice a rigid order on which I do not agree. Elements, strategies are displayed to show no flexibility and confusion. It really took me a long time to choose answers based on the info given in the unit, plus the changes added to the ESA structure. PLEASE REPLY TO MY COMMENT ONCE YOU GET THIS MESSAGE. THANKS!!! YONNY DARIO RODRIGUEZ CHIRINOS ESL TEACHER THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA INDIANAPOLIS IN +1 360 3102647