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The video lessons shown in this unit was very interesting to see and observe. The first video was very easy to tell that the teacher is not interested in the lesson or his students. When he is speaking, even I had a hard time determining everything he was trying to say. So it is not difficult to say that the students must have had a hard time as well. His attitude was something I picked up instantly, he was not happy to be in font of the students and teach. When the teacher sat down to read a book and balled up the piece of paper, This was confirmation about how he felt during the lesson. The students picked up on his attitude and it showed in the film. The second lesson was a much better environment and lesson overall. The students were more involved with the lesson and wanted to participate much more. The teacher had a smile which reflected on the students and in turn had them happy as well. In conclusion, with the factors of the teachers attitude and how he preformed the ESA method made for a better learning atmosphere.