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In unit 4 I have learnt: 1)There are three different tenses in English(the present,the past and the future)and each of these times has four aspects(simple,continuous,perfect and perfect continuous). So there are 12 in all. 2)Every time has different forms(affirmative;negative and question) and different usages. 3)Present simple we use in routine actions,permament situations,present stories,ect. Present continuous:to describe developing situations,to talk about an action that is in progress at the time of speaking ,etc. Presebt perfect:when we talk about finished action that happend at an indefinite time, when we describe past actions with present results,etc. Present perfect continious:to describe a recently finished,uninterrupted activity which has a present result or to comunicate an incomplete and ongoing activity, when we want to say how long it has cobtinued. 4)I have learnt what are the most typical mistakes or errors that students are making. 5)I have learnt how i should explain and correct mistakes with a student.