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When looking at the parts of speech, it is important to be able to break down the parts and explain to your students how a sentence in English is built and used. Explaining the rules that certain parts of speech demand, like how to use nouns and pronouns and not to use Subject pronouns in the place of and Object pronoun, will take time, attention to detail and lots of practice. Also, we must find a simple way to remind the learner of basic rules of grammar that exist like a basic sentence. Subject and a verb, and that the other connecting words, like adjectives, adverbs, and prepositions, how and when those are added in. There are many intricacies in English and also many irregularities, therefore, it seems that a good presentation of the grammar and patience is required. The better grasp I have on why I say what I say as a native English speaker and what part of speech I am using will help me explain the parts like why I use a definite article and then countable noun, or how I can use superlative adjectives correctly.