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There are several different tests given throughout a learners experience in language schools. One test, progress tests, are helpful for both the teachers and the students to know where the area of language understanding is. Progress tests help the teachers to know what the students have retained and what they've forgotten and helps the students to know what to review and encourages to re-practice those items. Placement tests are important one-time only tests to ensure that the students are placed in the correct class according to their current standing of the English language. As students go through the course, they will be given practice tests that are supposed to prepare them, not only for impoving their skills upward in the language and making sure they are competent to where the course work is at, but also to help them to be ready for the external exams. External exams are to be taken by students who want to work, study better, and be ready in business work in Engish-speaking countries, to name a few.