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In this unit I learned about the importance of course books and lesson materials. There are many advantages and disadvantages to course books but I think that as a first year teacher course books would be very useful to me. I would have to make sure that along with the course book that I also came up with my own activities and materials to supplement the books as well as to keep the interest of the children. Finally, I would have to be able to deviate from the book when my students need extra work or more depth on particular subjects.The videos take teachers right into the lesson to observe the diverging qualities of effective and ineffective lessons. Teachers are stimulated to self-analysis around their prospective and/or past classroom behavior and strategies. The video lessons cover not just one aspect of teaching, such as the use of props to input and elicit language, but many aspects at once. All teachers could benefit from having an open minded look at classes beyond their own to give some objective perspective about what works and what doesn't work as well.