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Unit 14 covers course books and lesson materials. The unit starts by describing types of materials. There are authentic materials, which is anything a native speaker would hear or read. Examples of authentic materials are programs, magazines, newspapers, songs, poems, etc. These are not created with student level in mind, so choose them carefully. They are used because they are real and more interesting/motivation, when students understand them they gain confidence, and they can be geared to the interests of students. Then there is created materials. These are designed by the teacher to replace/supplement the materials from the course book. Examples of created materials are crosswords, word searches, role-play cards, etc. The unit gave a lot of examples of created materials. The unit ended with an in-depth discussion of course books. Usually, when a teacher gets a course book they gain student books, workbooks, cassettes (CDs/Audio), a teachers book, and sometimes a video. The advantages to having a course book are students expect it, it is easier and takes up less time, it provides a syllabus, it provides security, etc. Some disadvantages to using course books are they don’t alway fit the needs and/or interests of the students, they can make class predictable and boring, it can make teachers lazy and stop creativity, etc. The unit ends with how to best use course books, options for using course books, and what/how to analyze a course book.