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Firstly,I learned the different types of materials and resources. This includes coursebooks, authentic materials, created materials and many more.This is a very sensitive issue because they are the considered as a unit sources of knowledge in the class.You must be very careful in selecting the appropriate material to use according to your instinct, which one is applicable in a certain situation considering the types of learners, different levels and abilities.To sum up, this unit provides all types of resources to use and makes them available according to the needs of every teacher.I am so glad the lesson tackled about teaching young learners. I've learned so much on this unit again. I was reminded about the dos and don'ts of teaching children, how to manage and and handle problems and how to discipline students when necessary. It is some kind of stressful to handle kids coming from different family background, culture and race at times but this lesson assured me that a teacher can do something about it. And I totally agreed that teaching young learners and absolute beginner is the most rewarding and enjoyable aspects of teaching English as a Foreign Language.