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In this unit, It shows us a lot of theories, methods and techniques. I think this unit is very useful for me. It teaches me a lot of methods for teaching. It is my first time to know 'ESA'. - Engage, Study and Activate. I think Elicitation is a very good method for students to involve more in the class, some students are not confident enough to talk in the class, I think its very useful way for them to talk through games, music or interesting pictures, they gives them the chance to talk and discover the language themselves. Study is very useful foe teachers to check if the students understand the language or not, then, we can know the students' weaknesses. Last, Activate encourage students to use the language that they know. I think it is a very useful way for teaching English, these three elements provide a balance range of activities for students to learn. I am glad that I learn a lot od English learning games through this unit, I believe that it will be very useful for my teaching career in the future.