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Overall I found the layout of this unit to be very clear, with excellent examples and explanations, which made it far more manageable to learn and engage with. The content of this particular unit was quite complex and it will definitely be an area that I will need to spend further time studying and becoming familiar with. Phrasal verbs and passive voice are two things I use all the time in everyday conversation but have never known the rules of the usage as such, so it has been a learning curve for me as a teacher.In this lesson, I have learned many different types of students. I have learned there are many different types of beginners such as the absolute beginners, false beginners, and young and adult beginners. I would try to be as visual as possible to teach beginners as I can't rely on other English words to describe a word. I have also learned that with teaching individuals, I can focus the lesson towards what the student is having trouble with. But with a group, I have to worry about the mixture of student levels.