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There is a lot of importance on timing in managing a classroom. Be it when to have eye contact, when to write instructions on the board, when to start group work, spending the appropriate amount of time making sure the assignment is clear or the students have finished their work, etc. It is not enough to make sure that the teacher is doing these things, the amount of time spent on each and when they are done seems to be just as important. If you give instructions on the board, then have students start before you use eye contact to ensure understanding, it could ruin the entire activity.This unit was about how to teach productive skills (writing and speaking). I found the information on 'games' particularly interesting in this unit. I've incorporated some of the games mentioned (cross-words and hangman) but would never have thought to use games such as Cluedo, 20 questions, or Twister. After some thought, Cludeo could be used to practice 'house vocabulary' in small groups, 20 questions could be used to elicit vocabs such as 'animals' or 'transport' from students (whole class or pairs). And Twister could be used to practice 'colours' 'body parts' or 'directions' vocab.