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Both videos have the same setting, same students and teacher, however the outcomes are completely different, mostly due to the attitude of the teacher who was definitely not enjoying his time there and had the students confused and feeling stupid. Indeed, the obnoxious attitude towards the students not understanding the instructions first or not knowing the answers right away made him sigh. I have to admit he said \"modal auxiliary verbs\" so fast that I was left confused too by what was his point and what he wanted to achieve, the same goes with the activate part that left me wondering too what were the students supposed to do. The 2nd lesson was much more enjoyable as the really positive attitude started from the begining of the class, also explanations were better, more visual. The use of mimes and pictures are always a good thing to help students understand. Overall, teacher's attitude is key, although I've definitely had some classes where I felt helpless even though I was trying my best to engage.