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Firstly, this unit reflects on the EFL methodologies, advantages, and disadvantages of individual methodology. Even though every methodology in EFL has its own pros and cons, teachers should bear in mind the environment and student ability to absorb the language and decide which method is the best to use. Secondly, the unit mentioned about the ESA lessons and the importance of elicitation. Elicitation not only helps the teacher get the information on what the students already knew but also the response from the students. The conventional ESA lesson works well in most situations but the teacher could change the order base on the level of the students. Lastly, the unit discussed about the different ideas for Engage, Study, Activate stages and the correction techniques and giving feedback. Giving feedback is to encourage the student and improve the progress of language learning. Correction is as important as praising the students and too much correction is equally as unappealing as too little correction.