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This unit covers four more complex pieces of English grammar. First are the modal auxiliary verbs, which can be confusing because many have multiple uses which overlap with other modals but are used in slightly different situations, conveying varying degrees of politeness, necessity, or probability. Next is passive voice, which switches the focus of sentence around: when switched to the passive voice, the object of the sentence in the active voice becomes the subject. Third, the unit discusses clauses, focussing relative clauses, which have two types: defining (which are essential for the meaning of the sentence) and non-defining (which contain information that does not significantly affect the meaning.) Finally, there is discussion of phrasal verbs (which consist of a verb plus one or two particles operating together as one verb) which can come in intransitive or transitive forms. The transitive phrasal verbs can be separable or inseparable, depending on the placement of the object/object pronoun.