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Pronunciation is definitely an area I rank poorly in teaching methodically. In general i don't think my students have suffered from this but it is definitely an area to improve. Intonation -rise and fall intonation very useful rules Techniques for teaching and indicating Intonation -particularly like humming or singing Stress -interesting to see how stressing different words in a sentence can completely change the meaning of a sentence. -techniques for indicating and teaching stress - good ideas. Apart from underlining, they would be tricky to apply in a class for the first time -sound joining - if spoken with correct articulation, to me the sounds in the different columns are distinctly different. Phonemic Symbols - Absolutely no idea about this. Manner and place of articulation -even with the explanations under the chart, I still find it a little confusing When to teach pronunciation -really can't see a whole lesson devoted to pronunciation working. As and when required would be best.