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Unit 18 covered the different types of classes of beginners and outlined the various techniques that should be used for each group. It covered teaching individual students and which activities would be suitable. Also business english for specific purposes and what there needs may be and went over a needs analysis to dertimine such. We also learned difference between monilingual and multilingual classes and the general rules that should be followed for teaching.As in the previous sections, present and past tenses, the section on future tenses tested me on the rules of why we do or phrase things the way we do. It?s a matter of explaining the ?subject+will be+verb-ing? in the Future Continuous vs. the ?will-have? definitive in Future Perfect. Example would be, ?I will have been working on this test for 10 mins? in Future Continuous. Where as, ?This test will take me 10 mins? in Future Perfect tense.