TESOL Palembang

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R.S. - China said:
There are three things that students need to know with new language, which are vocabulary, grammar and functions. Whatever the level of the class, all students will need to know: (1)what the language means, (2)how it is used, (3)how it interacts and alters other words, (4)where the word belongs in a sentence, (5)what the grammatical form is, and (6)how the work is spelled and pronounced. There are few criteria that teacher need to be consider when selecting vocabulary as following: (1) are the students at the correct level to learn the vocabulary, (2) how appropriate it is for the students and the task at hand, (3) frequency and coverage - how often are the students likely to require the information, (4) how easy it is for the students to comprehend. ESA methods can use to apply to introduce new language. Vocabulary lesson commonly use the \"Straight arrow\" ESA structures for lower level students with learning objective. A typical ESA \"Patchwork\" grammar lesson for mid level students with learning objective. Functions-based lesson are more commonly approached with \"Boomerang\" ESA structures.