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This unit made it easier to understand what it is needed to take into consideration when teaching students a new language. The whys and hows were very eliciting and clear. It surely gave me a focused path to follow as well as what it takes to follow it to its best, bringing the students to level of knowledge that will further their understanding and usage of the English language on their daily needs and lives. The E.S.A. examples presented for teaching vocabulary, structure and function were simple, yet effective.In this unit, I learned several things to get more effective result in the lesson such as the following: The teacher can build a better rapport with the students by learning their names and involving all of them in the lesson. The teacher's smiling face and his positive reaction toward students help the them feel comfortable and also keen to participate in the class. The teacher should use simple, loud, and clear voice. The clear instruction and the prompt of it is very useful to help the students' understanding.