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J.P. – Figi said:
This unit gives examples of two classes by the same teacher teaching the usage of 'can/can't'. The first lesson is an example of what a teacher should not do in the classroom. The teacher's attitude is wrong. He scowls, does not smile and is intimidating. He does not give instructions clearly, expects the students to do the work allotted to them without help and does not involve the students in the learning process. The students are left alone mostly to grapple with the lesson. The second video is a good example of how the classroom instruction should be. Here the teacher is friendly, smiles a lot, uses students' names, makes them comfortable, involves them actively in the class, uses picture to elicit responses, appreciates the students, corrects them without reprimand and claps to show the end of the class. This unit has helped me to learn how to tackle classes for foreigners, how much input should be given for a particular topic and what kind of attitude should be displayed by the teacher to make the class a success.