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This unit taught me that there are 3 different areas of focus that language lessons can revolve around and made clear the different activities that are useful when teaching different areas of language. I learned that there are some activities that are useful in teaching during the study phase of a lesson which would not be useful during the activate phase. I also learned that when teaching language functions the lessons should be structured more towards activate phases and as such, role-play activities are especially helpful in teaching language function.This unit taught me how to approach teaching reported forms of the English language. Students need to know this in order to communicate effectively, otherwise they can confuse listeners. It is important to know the various tenses and forms because when dealing with real life situations it will be necessary to use these forms of speech. This unit also taught me about teaching hypothetical forms of English. The words would, should and could should be clarified as they will be used when referring to certain situations which the student is bound to encounter.