TESOL Beipiao

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C.B. - Spain said:
The course consists of 6 parts. They are the introduction, teaching and learning, development, materials, teaching themes and BE words. This course designed for practicing or intending teachers of English. Aim - to give a participant the opportunity to study ideas and methodologies relating to the teaching of BE in an EFL settings. After completion the course a participant should be able to: discuss using standard industry terminology the role of BE teaching, have an understanding of the general role of a BE teacher in a variety of settings, create a teaching syllabus based on evidential assessment of clients needs, have realistic ideas for individual lessons and how to deliver them to a range of target groups, be aware of how to find or create material for their teaching, be able to create and apply assessment procedures pre-course, on-course and post course, be aware of the opportunities available for the further professional development. The participant doesn't need to be a specialist in any particular business field to be able to teach English for business, though a working knowledge of general business terminology will be beneficial. Some of the specific areas of English: medical English, English for banking and finance, English for Law etc.