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This unit provides a look at the best practices for managing a class. This unit has taught me that there are many factors that go into a well-managed classroom, from methods as simple as using appropriate eye contact to stimulating student talk time and building rapport within the classroom by respecting the expectations, needs, and personalities of the students. By creating a classroom with an appropriate set-up, strong rapport, and increased student talk time, we are more likely to have successful classes with less behavioral issues and more learning.This unit shows the different methods and techniques used for teaching. It shows as well a very detailed structure of the language lesson plan where it gives a description of the ESA (Engage, Study, Activate ) as it gives a wide range of activities related to them. Another important element in the teaching element is given in this unit ,is the Error analysis and correction and the best ways for doing that without affecting negatively the learning process as it pays attention to the students' psychology and how teachers can avoid affecting their motivation