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This unit covered conditional speech and reported speech. Conditional speech combines two clauses, first the 'if' clause, and the second clause what that is contingent on the first clause happening. The second part of the unit outlined the difference between direct and reported speech. Reported speech is a report of a direct speech quote that a person previously said, by reverting it to a different tense. I feel that reported speech could be a difficult concept for English learners to grasp, so it would be reserved for learners at a higher English level.In this next unit I learnt how much a teacher's attitude when teaching a class can impact learning in a negative or positive way. The two example videos were a perfect example. Once I began watching the first video I was taken aback by the teacher's approach and began to empathize with the students. However, after watching the second video I realize that the teacher's approach was quite different and he was more friendly and accommadating. The students also picked that up and were quite eager to participate as they felt motivated to learn. Good examples