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In Unit 11 I have learned our reasons for reading and listening can be divided into two categories; for a purpose, or for entertainment. Reading and listening for a purpose helps us achieve a particular goal where as reading for entertainment is because we find the information pleasurable and enjoyable. There are a number of ways in which we read and listen. One might use 'predictive skills' to predict the content of an article from a headline or introduction. Scanning we often use for reading or listening for specific information and skimming we use to get an idea of the content. Reading or listening in detail we do to gain full benefit and understand a topic or instructions more in depth. Lastly, we may read to understand or deduce the meaning or individual phrases of words that go beyond the literal meaning. An example would be a sign that says \"No swimming\". The purpose would be to understand the meaning behind the sign that it is unsafe to swim because alligators may be present.