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This unit was about conditionals and reported speech. I learned that conditionals are sentences containing the word \"if\" which refers to the past, present, or maybe future possibilities. Basically, in simple terms, that if 'this' happens, \"that' happens. There are five main conditionals and this chapter showed and explained examples of each one. The five conditionals are zero conditional, first conditional, second conditional, third conditional, and mixed conditional. I also learned about direct speech which is listening to what someone tells you and then you have to report it to someone else. There are many different ways to report someones speech, you just have to follow the rules and note how the verb changes. Time expressions are modified of back shifting, which is also used in direct speech. There are plenty of teaching ideas a teacher can use to help students understand these conditionals and reported speeches. The best way to teach all of these lessons, is one at a time and slowly.