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Basically, what we studied in this unit was mainly the two biggest parts of English Language. Vocabulary structures and Grammar structures. I have to say it was very simple, but at the same time, I could focus a lot, on how we can use Straight Arrow ESA structure, Patchwork ESA structure, and Boomerang ESA structure to deliver contents systematically in the classroom. There are basically three to four aspects we need to take into consideration when teaching vocabulary. First of all, the usage it might have for the students. Second of all, similarity to the students native language; third of all, meaning along with pronunciation and intonation; and last of all, appropriateness to the students reality and culture. To conclude, vocabulary and grammar structures need to be taught by having fun. Using games; using pictures; using flashcards so students can get it all in a lovely environment. YONNY DARIO RODRIGUEZ CHIRINOS ESL TEACHER THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA INDIANAPOLIS IN +1 360 3102647