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This units coverage of teaching productive skills was interesting and informative. With its focus on accuracy and fluency both are equally important. Also teaching the students and getting them to speak to engage in the activities by encouraging them to speak. The other side of that coin is too encourage them to interact with the teacher and with each other if they are in pairs or in groups. Writing was something that I had trouble with at a young age. I had to learn to work on my penmanship, which is interesting to know that its not something to be correcting them over every little mistake. Creative writing was something I enjoyed, doing essays and persuasive writing. Certain games in the classroom can be very useful. Depending on the game the students would engage in the game and not know that they are learning, but will retain a lot of the information. To conclude, speaking and writing are important skills that should not be overlooked and will help the person learning them along the way.