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The topic of this unit is one of the more emotive and contradictive. There are polar points of view on the usage of coursebooks. It is also a big part of a teacher's job to select coursebooks, adapt them and decided when to use them. Teaching material can be divided in 2 groups: authentic and created. It's always exciting for students to work with authentic materials as they help motivation, confidence and interest. However, a teacher should be very careful in selecting authentic materials for begginer students, as it could become very intimidating and discouraging for them to process. Created materials are made by teachers and are intended to supplement materials from coursebooks. They could include crosswords, puzzles, flashcards etc. There are some great open sources for developing your own created materials online. Course books consist of a set of materials. The remaining part of unit is devoted to coursebooks advantages/disadvantages; use of course books and criteria of their analysis.