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Unit 1 is an introduction of the course. It gives an overview of the company, the course and the possibilities one will have on completion of it. There is a list of the course content from unit 1 to unit 6, how the course works and about online course tutors and what to do if I want to switch to a course with tutor support. Target group, aim and objective of the participants were briefly explained. This unit has a useful list of common terminologies and their acronyms that I will come across throughout the course. In the context of this course, ‘young learners’ are students from five to thirteen years old. There are a lot of employment opportunities for TEFL teachers worldwide, the more so if have studied an additional field such as English for Young Learners, which I’m starting to do now. This unit gives me a brief idea of the topics to be covered in the course which I find interesting. And I’m sure this course will be very helpful to me as a teacher to young learners.