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Knowing your class is important in determining which ESA teaching structure to use. Commonly the straight arrow approach is used ESA. Patchwork and boomerang methods are also used but there is no real rule to follow. When engaging a class pictures say a thousand words. Use of discussion and discovery can be a useful tool. For instance if you are teaching a lesson on the house and furniture that goes in the house you might want to ask students to bring in pictures of their house or draw a model of their home. This can be useful for older students who love to draw. In the study phase I could describe my house using the past simple and ask students questions like \"Did I clean my house?\" In the activity phase pairs can design their ideal house and the class can vote on the best design. Most lessons will include new vocabulary, grammar and language that they understand the meaning and what its function is, how often they are exposed to it and then practice and repetition to perfect it.