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In Unit 10 Video Lessons I got to watch two alternate examples of how to conduct a lesson. In Video 1, the instructor made the students feel lost, confused and seemingly insulted by assuming that the lesson he was presenting was \"very easy\" and that \"anyone can do it\". He never actually introduced to the students what the particular lesson would be about by explaining it, nor giving them an example of what he was aiming for. This caused the students to not want to participate, and when they did, it was with reluctance. Whereas in Video 2, the instructor told the students what he was going to present to them. In Video 2 he also started off the class in a MUCH more friendlier attitude, even making the students laugh a bit. This clearly had a profound effect on the level of participation in the classroom. All in all, I do not think the success of the lesson has much to do with the attitude of the teacher. It does however affect the level of participation and engagement of the students.