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1. Overview of Unit 3 Unit 3 firstly deals with level tests and needs analysis of first time students. An extract from a sample level test and a sample Needs Analysis are given. Secondly the design of a language syllabus is covered in full including an example of a 'mini design' process as well as a sample syllabus. The importance of course assessment is stressed where the efficacy of the tutor's program is measured while the students' can also monitor their progress. Different tests are briefly discussed. Helping to prepare students for specific examinations in Business English is often part of the students' needs. Some advice concerning this aspect is given. Course evaluation are highly recommended and explained. 2. What I learned The ALTE Can Do project is new information and appreciated. The skill level summaries and the various Can Do statements are valuable information. The advice on designing a language syllabus and the sample syllabus are practical and useful information.