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I didn't like this lesson at all. It explained some stuff but it was boring and dull. And that was not because of the way it was written, not the style, because that was interesting but more because of the topic itself. Well, as indicated on the first page this topic has not many friends and I didn't become one of it either. I am not native English and my English is obviously not perfect but it was sometimes amusing to read about the differences of different tapes of English. The intonations are general knowledge which apply to most languages based on my experience. If you have a question, then you'll raise the tone, if you state something then the tone will fall. That's logical. And since there is no fixed rule for stressing syllables in words what can you learn there? General rules? Yes, maybe, but more than this helps if you're listening to the radio, to the tele, to native English speakers and then try to figure out how they stress it. It should be a feeling out of your guts.