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Unit 3 Developing a course for young English learners. Testing their English level and why they need this language. Production of and limiting factors that affect a syllabus. Different types of syllabi and how to design. Course assessment methods and exams and types of. Course evaluation. What have I learned? What is required to develop a course. Relatively straightforward when the course is already available and tested but if not? Lots of info here to guide me through the process. Students level must be known and whether their needs will be met, obvious really but good to see it set out so well. No syllabus? I feel I could handle this situation now though plenty of practice would be required. Good references to the various types of exams which is invaluable if what type of testing has not already been established. Similar situation with the course evaluation, has it been effective, does it work, does it satisfy everyone? If I am the course initiator this feedback is essential.