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It is one thing to study these methods, but to see them implemented is a completely different story. I have to commend the teacher in the second video; he did an outstanding job engaging the students, holding their interest, motivating them, and making his instructions clear. This was extremely helpful to see. Most interesting was the effect that the teacher's own personality had on the students. In video one, he intimidated them into silence. In video two, his attitude attracted them into participation. Well done.It is important to tailor how one teaches to the students. Different groups have different needs and there are different ways to meet them. Young learners require a lot more action and fun in the classroom in order for them to learn anything. Teaching individuals allows the lessons to be tailored to them and the student and teacher relationship can be a lot more friendly since most people will want to practice conversing. I think it's important to know the students' needs and abilities in order to teach them effectively.