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I really liked this lesson even though it was hard. My major in college was anthropology and so I of course had to take linguistic courses, but I didn't go far into that subject. Like I already knew it is a difficult subject and it's hard for me to remember the IPA (so taking a test was difficult). At the same time though reading through the phonetic script is always fun for me even though it's difficult. It's easier to read it aloud. So this unit was a great review for me and brought back to mind some things I can do in my classes. I have 3rd grade curriculum and a section of the book we use is teaching sounds. I always repeat and exaggerate my lips with certain sounds, for example b and p. We have them look at my lips as I'm forming the sound and also look at the lips in the video in the book. This unit however reminded me of another technique that I could use as one is voiced and the other is unvoiced. So putting their hands on their throat can be another technique I can use.