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In this lesson I learned there are several instances where a teacher will need to troubleshoot a class situation. From the first lessons where the teacher may be faced with a new group of students who don't know each other and may not be familiar with the EFL course itself. On the other hand, the teacher may have a class that consists of an existing group where they know one another and are familiar with the EFL course. Way to help with the first lesson were listed along with activities to overcome the situation and proceed. Warmers are a fun way to ease the students into the lesson. Warmers include activities such as Hangman and tongue twisters to name a few. Large classes can be fearsome for a teacher so actives such as worksheets, pair work, and choral repetition can help overcome any issues with bringing large classes together. A teacher should never give in when a student uses their native tongue. The teacher should encourage the speaking of the English language.