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This unit was about how to evaluate students, the different reasons to evaluate students, and an introduction to external exams. A teacher can evaluate a student for a number of reasons. Some reasons for evaluating students include, to see what level they are currently at, to see what level knowledge they are retaining, to find out what the class's strengths and weaknesses are for future lesson plans, the school/center requires it, or to prepare a student/class for an external exam. These all seemed straightforward, however I did get a little mixed up progress and diagnostic tests at first. I think the hardest part for the application of tests or exams is the pressure put on the students by a school or parent. I currently work in a center in Asia (China to be exact) and children have so much exam pressure that suicide is a real problem. This might be outside of the parameters of this ITTT course, but advice on how to deal with our students exam stress would be so helpful.