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Unit 7 discusses the importance of Vocabulary, Grammar and Functions in the teaching of a new language. The chapter discusses the factors to consider in selecting a vocabulary word for teaching, the things necessary in presenting a new grammatical form, and the functions of a word. At first I didn't like this chapter, but when I reread it I found that the chapter is FULL of techniques and resources that I will need in teaching vocabulary, grammar and functions. For example, I had never heard of the Cobuild English Dictionary before, so I did a google search and was amazed to learn how it was developed and is used. I am going to download the dictionary (FREE!!), as well as purchase two of the dictionaries: the general dictionary and the dictionary for primary students. I should also mention that I groaned when I saw the Tasks, but they were incredibly useful in engaging me fully at a level that meant I HAD to understand the material in order to complete the tasks.