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Modals are very nice in English,when you are talented enough in using them you can express yourself very well. You can express obligation, possibility, permission, ability and advice. About phrasal verbs , if you more you can speak more like a native English speaker. They have 3 types: 1: intransitive 2:transitive separable 3:transitive inseparable About passive voice; In a passive sentence, the object of the verb becomes the subject of the verb. And in a passive sentence the focus is not on the subject.I've learnt that in a lesson there are different and very specific phases. A lesson should always start with the engage phase where students can talk about the content they already have. Next they go into the study phase where they are taught the relevant topic and some practice takes place. Finally you go into the activate phase where they show they have acquired the content. I think it's a good way to structure a lesson because it gives you a guideline to any lesson based on any topic and you can adjust it.