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There is a plethora of teaching aids available that may be of use to teachers in the classroom. White/black boards, overhead projectors, cassette recorders, and visual aids are some common aids that are used in more traditional classrooms. With technological advances, using computers, websites, and other online resources provide teachers with a lot of options to choose from. Although using current devices can be handy, it is always best to have a backup plan since electronic devices can be faulty. Personally, I feel that I will use current devices more frequently because of all the access to sites such as youtube, google, and many others. From experience, I’ve found that using videos to teach multiple topics most effective. Not only does using the computer tailor to visual learners, but can tend to audio learners as well. Despite my support for current devices, I will also have a set of more traditional aids available since you never know when the power will go out.