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A.H. – U.S. said:
In this unit we learn about lesson planning, and it's importance and functions in the classroom. It is a valuable asset to an effective instructor, it stands as an aid to planning wherein a teacher can plan goals for the class and the ways on how to get there, it is a working docuent that helps the teacher keep on a target for each lesson, and a record to keep track of what was studied and when. In the long run it is a very helpful guide to substitute teachers in case one is not available for whatever reason (sickness, emergency, and so on) during a class day. It will allow the substitute to have an understanding as to where your class is and how he or she can work with your class' current lesson. A lesson plan keeps everything organized it will greatly affect the smoothness of the flow of a class, as it helps prepare the instructor without being rigid and binding--one should consider them as guidelines for lessons instead of fixed rules. Flexibility is key for lesson plans, it must be well thought out but not too fixed as to not be able to adjust to unplanned events. It is an effective way of monitoring not just the progress of the students and the class as a whole but also the progress of the instructor.