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I found this unit very detail-oriented. I was most fascinated by phrasal verbs because these are word combinations that native speakers of English are very familiar with (i.e., I know which prepositions to use, the patterns, etc.) but I can definitely see how understanding these phrases of speech would be difficult to learn. I liked how the reading mentioned that these phrases exist all around us in authentic texts, so it is obviously easy to be exposed to this part of language. I did not know the names of different parts of phrasal verbs though (transitive, intransitive, separable, inseparable, etc.) therefore explaining these types will be challenging as a teacher. In my head, I know what 'sounds right,' but students of mine will not have had my type of training of the ear. I also learned that modals can express very much with very little. It is very important to teach connotation and denotation when getting students to express themselves using these 'helping' verbs.