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Unit 9 was on lesson planning. Lesson planning is very important for new teachers, as they may not have the experience to handle some problems that could come up during the lesson. Lesson planning also helps the lesson have direction, it is a working document that continually evolves, creates a record, and allows the teacher to evaluate and reassess. Lesson plans should include learner objectives, personal aims, problems that are expected to come up, procedure, ESA phase, timing of each part, type of interaction, and basic info (such as date, class, etc.). After the lesson, the teacher should evaluate each part. Did the teacher met their goals, what needed to be changed and why, did they anticipate accuracy, how effective was the lesson, what were the strengths and weaknesses, etc. Some teachers use a formal write out, others simply keep a journal or log with notes. No matter the form, the lesson plan is a tool that benefits both the teacher and the students.